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Selected publications

A Biologically Grounded Framework for Testing Competing Models of Hallucinations 

Buck, J., Iigaya, K.,  Horga, G.

Computational and neural evidence for altered fast and slow learning from losses in gambling disorder

K. Iigaya, T. Larsen, T. Fong, JP O'Doherty

Discounting Future Reward in an Uncertain World

Story, G. W., Z. Kurth-Nelson, M. Moutoussis, K. Iigaya, G-J. Will, T. U. Hauser, B. Blain, I. Vlaev, and R. J. Dolan.

Neural mechanisms underlying the hierarchical construction of perceived aesthetic value

K Iigaya, S Yi, IA Wahle, K Tanwisuth, L Cross, JP O'Doherty

Aesthetic preference for art can be predicted from a mixture of low- and high-level visual features

K Iigaya, S Yi, IA Wahle, K Tanwisuth, JP O’Doherty

The Hierarchical Construction of Value

JP O’Doherty, U Rutishauser, K Iigaya

Why and how the brain weights contributions from a mixture of experts

JP O’Doherty, S Lee, R Tadayonnejad, J Cockburn, K Iigaya, C Charpentier

Progress and Promise in Neuroaesthetics

K Iigaya, JP O’Doherty, GG Starr

The value of what's to come: Neural mechanisms coupling prediction error and the utility of anticipation

K Iigaya, TU Hauser, Z Kurth-Nelson, JP O’Doherty, P Dayan*, RJ Dolan*

*co-senior authors

Aesthetic preference for art emerges from a weighted integration over hierarchically structured visual features in the brain

bioRxiv (2020)
Media: Science: "Do you like weird art? Blame your brain"

K Iigaya, S Yi, IA Wahle, K Tanwisuth, JP O’Doherty

A Neuro-computational Account of Arbitration between Choice Imitation and Goal Emulation during Human Observational Learning

CJ Charpentier, K Iigaya, JP O’Doherty

Hippocampus Is What Happens while You’re Busy Making Other Plans

K Iigaya, JP O’Doherty

Deviation from the matching law reflects an optimal strategy involving learning over multiple timescales

K Iigaya, Y Ahmadian, LP Sugrue, GS Corrado, Y Loewenstein, WT Newsome, S Fusi

An effect of serotonergic stimulation on learning rates for rewards apparent after long intertrial intervals

K Iigaya, MS Fonseca, M Murakami, ZF Mainen, P Dayan

Cognitive Bias in Ambiguity Judgements: Using Computational Models to Dissect the Effects of Mild Mood Manipulation in Humans

K Iigaya*, A Jolivald*, W Jitkrittum, ID Gilchrist, P Dayan**, E Paul**, M Mendl**

* equal contributions

**co-senior authors

Adaptive learning and decision-making under uncertainty by metaplastic synapses guided by a surprise detection system

K Iigaya

The Modulation of Savouring by Prediction Error and its Effects on Choice

K Iigaya, GW Story, Z Kurth-Nelson, RJ Dolan, P Dayan

Dynamical regimes in neural network models of matching behavior

K Iigaya, S Fusi

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