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Selected publications

Neural mechanisms underlying the hierarchical construction of perceived aesthetic value

K Iigaya, S Yi, IA Wahle, K Tanwisuth, L Cross, JP O'Doherty

Aesthetic preference for art can be predicted from a mixture of low- and high-level visual features

K Iigaya, S Yi, IA Wahle, K Tanwisuth, JP O’Doherty

The Hierarchical Construction of Value

JP O’Doherty, U Rutishauser, K Iigaya

Why and how the brain weights contributions from a mixture of experts

JP O’Doherty, S Lee, R Tadayonnejad, J Cockburn, K Iigaya, C Charpentier

Progress and Promise in Neuroaesthetics

K Iigaya, JP O’Doherty, GG Starr

The value of what's to come: Neural mechanisms coupling prediction error and the utility of anticipation

K Iigaya, TU Hauser, Z Kurth-Nelson, JP O’Doherty, P Dayan*, RJ Dolan*

*co-senior authors

Aesthetic preference for art emerges from a weighted integration over hierarchically structured visual features in the brain

bioRxiv (2020)
Media: Science: "Do you like weird art? Blame your brain"

K Iigaya, S Yi, IA Wahle, K Tanwisuth, JP O’Doherty

A Neuro-computational Account of Arbitration between Choice Imitation and Goal Emulation during Human Observational Learning

CJ Charpentier, K Iigaya, JP O’Doherty

Hippocampus Is What Happens while You’re Busy Making Other Plans

K Iigaya, JP O’Doherty

Deviation from the matching law reflects an optimal strategy involving learning over multiple timescales

K Iigaya, Y Ahmadian, LP Sugrue, GS Corrado, Y Loewenstein, WT Newsome, S Fusi

An effect of serotonergic stimulation on learning rates for rewards apparent after long intertrial intervals

K Iigaya, MS Fonseca, M Murakami, ZF Mainen, P Dayan

Cognitive Bias in Ambiguity Judgements: Using Computational Models to Dissect the Effects of Mild Mood Manipulation in Humans

K Iigaya*, A Jolivald*, W Jitkrittum, ID Gilchrist, P Dayan**, E Paul**, M Mendl**

* equal contributions

**co-senior authors

Adaptive learning and decision-making under uncertainty by metaplastic synapses guided by a surprise detection system

K Iigaya

The Modulation of Savouring by Prediction Error and its Effects on Choice

K Iigaya, GW Story, Z Kurth-Nelson, RJ Dolan, P Dayan

Dynamical regimes in neural network models of matching behavior

K Iigaya, S Fusi

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